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     Printable program:  Fall 2023 [pdf]

TOP of My Mind

Take a look at WomenExplore's own blog, TOP of My Mind.
You will find the text of many of our focus talks posted there and the audio of some of the lectures and focuses, as well as a variety of items that WomenExplore participants have found of interest. You can also get there by clicking on the TOP of My Mind logo at the top right of most of the WE pages.

Beginning 21st March 2024

When on Zoom

11 am: Participants share what is current in their lives and reflections on currents events

Noon to 2 pm: We will address the topic of the week in a variety of ways.

For in-person meetings the times may vary.

Are you missing your fix of watercolor painting?

7.30 to 10 am: Ival Stratford Kovner, MS, MFA, is offering continuing watercolor classes. These will mainly be quiet periods of painting together. There will be no classes on 3/28/25 and 4/5/24 as Ival will be away.
If interested, please email Ival directly at ivalsk@comcast.net .

The first meeting of the Spring 2024 series is on 21st March!

Since the onset of covid-19, WomenExplore has moved its series of meetings online for the safety and convenience of our participants. This series, WomenExplore Reimagined, is coming to you on Zoom with the occasional in-person event. All the forums on Zoom run from 11 am to 2 pm (US Eastern Daylight Time, EDT: UTC−04:00).

WomenExplore Reimagined

This series of meetings continues our focus on identifying and exploring the important issues of our day, along with investigating topics of interest to the women who attend. The first meeting of this series is Ancestor Stories. Share a story of your ancestors and tell us about the things you wish you knew.

Register for the fall series here, or by clicking on the REGISTER tab at the top of the page. Note that THE SESSIONS BEGIN AT 11:00!!

We hope to see YOU on Zoom on Thursdays this fall. Mark your calendar and reserve Thursdays from 11:00 am to 2:00 pm. You gain admission to all the Zoom meetings with the same Zoom link.