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Fall 2017

Learning from Surprising Places

Every Thursday from 28th September to 16th November
expert speakers offer their insights into the subjects considered this series.

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Focus talk:

To set the issue a WomenExplore participant gives a short talk describing how the day's topic has intersected her life and affected her thinking.

Schedule of Events:

11:30 am

Focus talk

12 noon

Main Lecture and questions

1:00 pm

Participatory discussion

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Democracy Center

45 Mt Auburn St.

Cambridge, MA 02138


Focus lecture: George Swanson

Spiritual Teachers: We Love 'Em and Leave 'Em

Robert Weber

assistant professor of psychology at Harvard Medical School, former Jesuit, co-author of The Spirituality of Age.


Focus lecture: MaryMargaret Halsey

Exploring Gender Fluidity

Panel Discussion

The panel will delve into the intruiging topic of gender fluidity from various viewpoints.

Facilitator: Sheehan Scarborough

director of Harvard’s Office of BLGTQ Student Life, co-founder of the Faith and Sexuality Initiative while a student at Harvard Divinity School


Focus lecture: A WomenExplore participant

The Roots of Prejudice

Tracey Hurd

developmental and licensed clinical psychologist, writer, community mental health clinician, college faculty member, and mother, whose anti-racist work is grounded in spiritual and humanistic faith, author of Nurturig Children and Youth: A Developmental Guidebook


Focus lecture: Marcia Miller Boehlke

What We Learn from Alternative Health Care

Janice Anderson

holistic health practioner and thermographer, founder of InsideOut Wholistic Welleness and Thermography, advocate of mind body medicine


Focus lecture: Chris Farrow-Noble

Wisdom from the Earth: Deepening Connection with the Web of Life

Katy Allen

eco-rabbi, founder of Ma'yan Tikvah, co-convener of the Boston-area Jewish Climate Action Network


Focus lecture: Paula Chandoha

Listening to Animals

Catharine Grace

animal intuitive and communicator, interpreting messages and stories animals want to share with their humans


Focus lecture: Lindsa Vallee

Art is My Teacher

Joy Seidler

a seeker who for more than four decades has employed the teaching of art as one possible path into the mysteries. When we really know how to listen EVERYTHING is our teacher.


Focus lecture: Martha Nielsen

Free Play: Learning, Creativity and a Meaningful Life

Susan Linn

creative play expert, psychiatry lecturer at Harvard Medical School, research associate, Boston Children's Hospital


quilt Photo

My Teachers: Creating a Story Quilt

Moderator: Lindsa Vallee

Women present brief stories of learning from surprising places.
Come, add yours to the Story Quilt!


COMPLETE FALL PROGRAM:   Fall 2017 [pdf]

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      Printable program:  Spring 2017 [pdf]


Spring 2017

From Monologue to Dialogue: Building Community

Jimmy Tingle Photo

Focus lecture: Judith Cohen

Why is Communication so Difficult?

Jimmy Tingle

stand-up comedian, social and political commentator, actor, writer, practitioner of non-violence, activist, recipient of the Peace Abbey Courage of Conscience Award


Stephanie Leydon Photo

Focus lecture: Barbara Villandry

The Media: Informer or Manipulator?
The Public: Discerning or Naïve?

Stephanie Leydon

WGBH, Emmy-award winning radio & TV journalist, passionate about community engagement


Gail Carroll Photo

Focus lecture: Virginia Loftus

How Does NonViolent Communication (NVC) Facilitate Collaboration?

Gail Carroll

a certified NVC trainer, teaches NVC and has a private practice offering empathy and meditation


Linda Weltner Photo

Focus lecture: Paula Chandoha

Coversations Between Generations

Linda Weltner

activist, former Boston Globe columnist, author of Family Puzzles: A Private Life Made Public


Three couples Photo

Is There More? Inviting Deeper Dialogue

A group of three couples

who have been listening to one another for 22 years share the structure, tools and insights they have honed for deepening and transforming relationships through dialogue


Elizabeth Englander

Focus lecture: Chris Farrow-Noble

Can Dialogue Change Violent Behavior?

Elizabeth Englander

psychology professor and director Massachusetts Aggression Reduction Center at Bridgewater State University, author of Bullying and Cyberbullying and Understanding Violence


John Fiske Photo

Focus lecture: Paula Chandoha

The Power of Civil Discourse to Build Community

John Fiske

award-winning family and work mediator and mediation trainer


Laura Ferrer photo

What are the Inner and Outer Forces Driving Consumption?

11:30am: Barbara Villandry,

formerly chair of Communications at Hesser College, will discuss the outside influences that drive us to consume

12:15pm: Laura Ferrer

clinical psychologist and personal coach, instructor at Harvard Medical School/ McLean Hospital discusses the inner forces that drive us


Richard Parker Photo

Political Correctness: Blessing or Curse?

Focus lecture: Michael Vallee

Building Community: Resistance School

Richard Parker

from the Harvard Kennedy School will inform us about Resistance School, a free online practical training program to mobilize and organize our communities and to sustain long-term action. Resistance School began with an impressive 15,000 participants at the first session and has grown to 175,000 by the fourth. It is now committed to going forward another semester.


Diane Grossman Photo

Focus lecture: Ruth Georges,

the City of Boston neighborhood liaison for Mattapan, North Dorchester and the Haitian community

Are Feminists Still Speaking the Same Language?

Diane Grossman

professor of philosophy, chair Women's & Gender Studies, Simmons College, author of Existentialism and the Philosophical Tradition and Looking at Gay and Lesbian Life


COMPLETE SPRING PROGRAM:   Spring 2017 [pdf]