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Register with ZOOM!

Register with ZOOM!

Join the community and begin this path of your journey. You will encounter many fascinating women sharing inspiring stories and oodles of encouragement.

We ask that you register by filling out a form. Simply click Register with ZOOM! to register and Zoom will then send you your unique personal link to attend the lecture sessions. Keep this link (and the passcode and meeting ID) safe as these are your key to the whole series. The Fall 2022 Series begins with the annual meetings of both the Advisory Committee and the WE Board online via Zoom on 8th September from 11 am to 2 pm. The meetings will be brief so the participants can have a chance to catch up with each other. Then the series gets underway with an in-person lunch at Summer Shack in Cambridge on 15th Septembet from 11.30 am (when the restaurant opens) to 3.30 pm. We are intending to have one quick round of What's on my mind? Weather permitting, we will eat outside under the shade. There will be no on-line meeting that day. The on-line personal talks and planning go from 11.00 am each Thursday from 22nd September until 17th November.

We look forward to seeing you soon! Invite your friends too!

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New to Zoom?

Zoom is fun and easy to use!

Before going onto Zoom, you need to register for the lecture series by clicking on the "Register" button above and filling out a form. Once you have registered, Zoom will send you an email with your personalized link to the series. Save this link! You can do this by saving the email (possibly in a folder) or copying the link elsewhere. It is also a good idea to copy down the meeting id and passcode as a back up.

You can sign up for a free Zoom account here:

The next step is to download the Zoom desktop meeting client, the Zoom app here:
You don't need any add-ons, extensions, etc to attend a Zoom meeting. (If you find you want them you can come back and download them later.)

If you have never used Zoom before take a look at this short 8 minute video: Fun and Easy Online Connection

Note for users of a traditional phone: The Zoom phone numbers available are all toll numbers. Use +1 929 205 6099 (New York) to call in from the North East. On your phone *6 toggles mute/unmute, and *9 raises your hand. This is especially useful.

Now shortly before the meeting begins just click on the link in your registration email.
For subsequent meetings you can click on this link again, or bring up the Zoom app from your applications folder or dock or launchpad. When you click "Join" you will see a meeting id box. The meeting id is in the email, or you can select the lecture series by name from the drop down menu you get by clicking the down arrow. You may be asked for the passcode given in the email.

See you on Thursday!

Zoom Tips and Hints

WomenExplore practises Zoom etiquette
• To see a list of all the participants during a meeting, click on the icon labeled "Participants" at the bottom center of your computer screen.
Keep muted, except when speaking. Small background noises around you can become amplified across Zoom. If you make a noise while other people are using speaker view your image will flash up on their screens in the place of the person giving the talk. When you are muted there is a red line through a microphone icon on your toolbar, or next to your name on the Participants list. The safest way to unmute is to hold down the space bar, if you have one, when you want to speak. On a traditional phone *6 toggles mute/unmute.
• Use the first name that you wish to known by and your last name as your screen name so that we can get to know each other. There are many ways to change your screen name. When you "Join" through the Zoom app, just enter your name in the second box in the window. From within a meeting you can find "Rename" by clicking on "More" next to your name in the Participnts list, or the three dots in the little window with your video or name
• You may not be visible to the host or all the other attendees. To applaud or express approval/agreement you can use the hands clapping or the thumbs up icon available via the reactions tool.
Raise your hand if you wish to make a verbal contribution by clicking the button labeled "Raise Hand" at the bottom of the Participants window on the right side of the screen. Your digital hand is now raised. Lower it by clicking the same button, now labeled "Lower Hand". On a traditional phone you can raise your hand by using *9.

Editing your profile
• The above changes to your screen name only last the duration of the meeting. To change your name more permanently edit your profile by clicking on the cog in the upper right of the Zoom app window or your intials above it, or sign in to Zoom directly in a browser window (the "Zoom web portal").
Add a picture of your smiling face to your profile while you are there. This picture will appear in place of video of you when you switch your video off, by clicking on the video camera icon.

Some tips (and a little cheat)
It can be tiring sitting through two hours of a lecture session. That is why we have built in a half hour break between Reflections and the lecture session.
Stand up and leave your computer during the break. Remember to make sure you are muted when you leave the computer. You have plenty of time to go outside for a short walk to stretch your muscles, fill your lungs with fresh air, and clear the fog from your mind.
Turn off your video if you want to not be observed while you eat.
A little cheat. You can even turn off your video, leaving your face to represent you, while you do whatever you like and no-one will know you are not there.
• To make the most of a lecture use Speaker View.
• To make the most of a discussion use Gallery View. You can toggle between these by clicking on the one you want -- on the top right of the Zoom screen on my laptop.
• Keep some paper and pencil beside you to note any questions or comments you might want to raise later.
Chat is a way of sending a short typed message to everyone or to a single other person in a meeting. Don't rely on other people seeing it because they may not be using Chat or they might be paying attention to the speaker.
Play with Zoom before you come to a Thursday session. Use the Zoom app to start a meeting with one participant, you! You can play around with the different tools and familiarize yourself with them. Not all of your controls will be visible until you have more than one participant, so try it out with a friend too.
• Note: the positions of these controls may vary on different devices.