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Past Series

The titles of the more recent series are given to indicate the range of themes covered:

WomenExplore Reimagined

Celebrating 50 Years and Still Exploring

Personal Talks and the Planning of a Celebratory Series for Spring 2023

Friendship, Distraction, Hardiness: The Complexity of This Moment

Inspiring Hope and Change: Making a Difference Now

Facing a World in Upheaval: Personal and Cultural Resilience

Democracy in Crisis!

Postponed due to covid pandemic.

Am I Here? Waking Up To What Matters.

Am I My Sister's Keeper?

Struggles, Strengths and Strategies

Exploring ...

Learning from Surprising Places

From Monologue to Dialogue: Building Community

Making a Difference: Exciting Women Changing the World

Caring for Ourselves...Caring for the World... Creating a Healthy and Meaningful Life from the Inside Out

What Matters to Me and Why?

Confronting the Violence against Women in our World: How Do We Live, Cope and Thrive?

Class and Privilege through a Feminist Lens

Re-imagining Women's Lives: Exploring Choices

40th Anniversary Series It's About Time! Facing Dark Realities and Striving for Change

What Does This “Wild and Precious Life” Demand of Us?

Living with Secrets and Lies

Change as a Constant: Adapting, Surviving, Thriving

Lifting the Mask: The Courage to Live My Truth

Standing Alone on a See-Saw: Balancing Vulnerability & Security

Change, Power and Resilience

The Illusion and Reality of Control

Reassessing and Responding in Difficult Times

Yearning for Wholeness: Healing Disconnection in Our World

Women in Today's Culture: Issues We Face and How We Deal with Them

Maintaining Integrity with Hope and Courage

The Vision and Courage of Women as Change Agents

Making Sense of Our "Stuff" & Its Profound Meaning in Our Lives

Navigating with a Moral Compass in This Turbulent World

The Life Journey of a Feminist Seeker

Women's Strategies for Living in Today's World

"I AM WOMAN": Authenticity, Identity, Intimacy

Women Confront the Devaluing of the Commmon Good –The Politcal Is Personal–

Celebrating 30 Years of Women's Lives, Women's Spirituality, and Feminism at the Theological Opportunities Program